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What is a facetious sycophant?

Dictionaries contain all the most useful words in a language. Generally, this means they include all the non-technical terms we’re likely to hear or read in everyday use. Some words… [read more]

The Future of Digital Dictation

Gone are the days of law without technology. Today, law schools are producing lawyers comfortable with tech-issues such as cybersecurity, digital currency regulations and data restrictions,… [read more]

MAAA Much Ado About Abbreviations

We prefer the easy life – no denying that! And in terms of speaking, there is no exception. When pronouncing words, we prefer to go the easy way as well, so want to sounds like wanna… [read more]

STAFF: Grisalda Stewart

Sales and Marketing is excited to welcome the warm, wonderful and witty Grisalda Stewart. We’d like to introduce Grisalda in her own words! What is your title at Way With Words?… [read more]

Talk Yourself Happy!

There’s an easy-to-articulate, hard-to-implement best practice when it comes teaching yourself to be happy: Talk Yourself Happy! This stems from the recognition that the positive… [read more]

When to NOT use words

You have probably read before about encouraging words that top leaders say every day, motivating phrases, and famous quotes of the greatest leaders. But please bear in mind that great… [read more]

Barry Jackson, Sculptor Extraordinaire

We are immensely proud of Barry Jackson, husband of Head of Operations Mags Jackson, and sculptor extraordinaire… Recently Barry Jackson and Xhanti Mkhakapa, two talented South… [read more]

Talk Yourself Happy

Words. We use thousands of them every day. We express with them. We direct with them. We react with them. We accomplish with them. Words are, in short, necessary and powerful.  But… [read more]

Are you a Mensa?

This year for my birthday, my sons gave me a ‘challenging’ gift – a Mensa tear-off day-by day calendar with a Mensa puzzle to solve each day! Good, I thought! I have 365 opportunities… [read more]

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