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Want transcription tips? How-to articles filled with practical and helpful ideas? Fun word games and puzzles? How about the latest, most up-to-date news in the transcription industry? Advice from experienced transcribers? Suggestions for recording perfect interviews or focus groups? Or even if you want advice on converting CDs or DVDs in to digital formats, interesting transcription facts or essential questions to ask your transcription service provider.

Way With Words blog offers this and more. Way With Words is the leading expert on both traditional and customised transcription, as well as projects for high volume, more unusual transcription requirements like that of data libraries for improving the accuracy of various accents for voice and speech recognition software.

Let us solve your problems – Maybe you are wondering if you have the skills required to be a transcriber. Maybe you’d like to know about the latest software available for at-home transcribers, and how to install it. Maybe you’d like to know how to get a focus group recorded with more clarity and fewer people talking at the same time or you might even have old cassette tapes from way-back-when of your grandparents and you’d like to know how to convert these into digital files for transcript. Way With Words’ blog is here to answer these questions and other you might have.

You’ll want to check into Way With Words’ transcription blog on a regular basis, watching for our regularly posted engaging articles. Or perhaps visit at your leisure to poke through our archived treasures. Either way, there are plenty of options to stay in the know.

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